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The Firm Castaldo was formed in 1970 by Bruno Castaldo after having acquired 5 years work experience under the guidance of Prof. Eugenio Spasiano.

In 1999, the Firm became Studio Castaldo, Magliulo & Associati and is composed of the partners, Bruno Castaldo, Gennaro Borriello, Alfonso Magliulo, Stefano Castaldo, the English Solicitor, Victor Sotunde, and Fabio Cadeddu, Marco Sannino, Alberto Esposito, Nicola Crispino, Leonardo Novelli, Fiorella Titolo, as well as numerous internal and external collaborators.

By virtue of the strong relations in the world of shipping, the Firm has always had a strong international connotation mixed with the culture and tradition of the napoletan school.

The services offered by the Firm combines the knowledge of commercial law with the competence and experience of professionals able to bring back issues in dispute to the wider prospective of the institutions of private law and jurisprudential experience.

The Firm works for both Italian and foreign clients on matters relating to maritime law, tourism and transportation as well as administrative, civil, commercial and company laws both from the EU and International point of view. In addition, the Firm is actively engaged in handling matters in the port terminal, cruise and yatching businesses, consortium arrangements and antitrust laws.

In addition, the Firm has gained a notable experience handling matters relating to the Public Administration and public procurement, with particular emphasis on maritime state concessions and related services.

With over 30 years as legal correspondent for the main P & I Clubs, as well as advisers to major insurance companies, the Firm has consolidated vast experience in not only the shipping industry but also in the areas of professional liability and health insurance.

The Firm regularly advises and assist European banks on ship finance and other types of financing (includiing leasing agreements), as well as other related matters and in particular drafting of finance documents, security documents; mortgages and insurance assignments, pledges, as well as preparation and reviewing of documents to the delivery of vessels, assisting at closing meetings, registration of ship mortgages in the relevant EU and non EU jurisdictions.

In addition, we have been consistently assisting shipowning companies, international banks and investment funds in Debt Restructuring and Insolvency procedures.

We also regularly advise and assist on yacht financing as well as the sale and purchase and subsequent registration in not only EU registries but also non EU registries.

The Firm handles all aspects of Corporate matters on behalf of both Italian and non Italian companies as well as for companies participating in Public Administration from the start-up process to the definition of governance arrangements that meet the needs of the company and reflect the relations between the members, in the current management.

We assist Companies, also medium size, as well as family owned, tackling the markets in which they operate and the complex phase of the generational transition, helping to identify governance structures that balance the protection needs of existing shareholders with the attribution of management powers to those who enter the business.

The Firm has assisted public companies, including water services, and has also acted as consultants in the drafting of opinions and deliberative schemes. It has participated in technical committees in the Campania Region, both for the reorganization of the offices and for the study of the constitutional reform and of the administrative functions. It has had experience in committees responsible for the awarding of public procurement. Furthermore it has prosecuted cases against public administrations, agencies, ASL, port and airport authorities.


The Firm has consolidated relations with law firms in other jurisdictions. We maintain a very high level of professional relationship with both the clients and professional colleagues, associated with the deep understanding of the clients’ commercial needs, so that we can reconcile legal technicality with the right commercial approach.